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Event Cooling

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event cooling
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event cooling

If comfort is important at your upcoming filming location, party, meeting, wedding or special event, you need to call Misting SA today!

We offer full service mist cooling rentals for upscale outdoor event cooling. Our outdoor misting fans, or static lines effectively cool surrounding hot air up to 12 degrees without getting your guests wet, ensuring your guests remember the event, not the heat.

Each event & venue is unique; therefore we customize each outdoor misting system to create optimum outdoor cooling

  • Makes indoor and outdoor spaces more enjoyable
  • Significantly lowers ambient temperatures (up to 12ºC)
  • Keep your guest for longer in the heat, increase revenue
  • Reduces dust and pollen in the air
  • Deters flies, bees and mosquitoes
  • High efficiency, low energy and water costs
  • Attract more customers and keep them longer
  • Enhances outdoor areas
  • Quick to set up

Set up and break down team included.