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Humidification in Wine Cellars

During the ageing process, wine is stored in barrels for extended periods of time, resulting in evaporation and subsequent loss of volume (up to 14% over a three year period). This leads to a need for "topping up" of the wine and a risk of oxidation due to the dropping level of the wine coming into contact with air (oxygen). Optimum levels of HUMIDITY (95%) cuts the loss through evaporation by more than 50%, yet barrels are kept dry on the outside to prevent the growth of mould and other hydrophilic organisms which may spoil the wine.

Cold Store Humidification

Cold air retains less moisture than warm air.  When air enters into a cold storage area the moisture level drops and temperatures decrease.   Water reduces out of the air onto cold surfaces of the cooling coils in the refrigeration area, this area will have a high relative humidity but will not be able to retain a lot of moisture.

Humidification in the Paper and Printing industry

Constant and consistent control of the HUMIDITY levels in all stages of the paper processing and printing industries is critical for optimum results. To maintain the moisture content of the paper and to ensure proper operation of the equipment, HUMIDITY levels between 40% and 55% are required.
By maintaining these HUMIDITY levels,

Humidity control in Tea Production

During the fermentation process of tea, proper humidification allows oxidisation to completely occur, as high humidity levels stops tea from losing moisture.   The fermentationh process is damaged when the tea dries as oxidisation can only occur in a humidified environment.

By upholding the correct constant humidification during the rolling, cutting and fermentation processes the moisture of the tea is enhanced and lessens the amount of low quality tea by up to 50%.

The effect is a superior quality tea, with the added value of a higher market price.

Abattoir Humidification

Moisture loss occurs largely during the early stages of the cooling process when the air supply is at its lowest and the carcases at their peak temperature. Cattle can lose up to 3% of their weight due to loss of moisture in the first 12 hours of cooling.

Humidification Control in the Textile Industry

Indications that your textile production facility is experiencing a static build-up ranges from, yarn breakages, low recovery, dust, fly or lint.  All of these indicate dry air and can be aided by putting the moisture back into the atmosphere.


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