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Patio/ Outdoor/ Restaurant Cooling

misting sa Patio/ Outdoor/ Restaurant Cooling
misting sa Patio/ Outdoor/ Restaurant Cooling
misting sa Patio/ Outdoor/ Restaurant Cooling
misting sa Patio/ Outdoor/ Restaurant Cooling
misting sa Patio/ Outdoor/ Restaurant Cooling
misting sa Patio/ Outdoor/ Restaurant Cooling

If you have a restaurant with an outdoor dining area a MIST cooling system is a necessary investment that will pay for itself in no time!  Increase your seating capacity and make the restaurant look like the most happening place around with a crowded outdoor dining area. High pressure MIST cooling systems also help deter flies and mosquitoes

Patio Cooling / Outdoor / Restaurant Cooling

MISTING systems have been used in outdoor cooling applications for decades. These systems can provide outdoor cooling reducing temperatures by up to 12 degrees with virtually no noticeable increase in the relative humidity.


  • Restaurants,
  •  theme parks,
  • hotels and resorts,
  • arenas,
  • tennis courts,
  • golf facilities,
  • fountains
  • waterfalls,
  • patios, and more.

At 70 Bar pressure, water droplets as small as 5 microns in diameter can be produced. At this level, ‘flash evaporation occurs reducing the ambient temperature. This process of ‘Thermal Dynamics’, is effective because water requires energy (600 calories of heat to evaporate 1 gram of water) to evaporate. This energy exchange results outdoor cooling, or reduced temperatures.

Misting SA’s Outdoor Cooling Misting systems

As with any outdoor cooling system, the overall effectiveness of the system will depend on existing temperature, the humidity levels, and the air exchange rate. With high temperatures (above 25 degrees Celsius) and low humidity levels (below 50%) the mist system results can be dramatic especially when there is constant air exchange within the patio. Fresh incoming air is quickly cooled without causing an uncomfortable increase in humidity levels. As with any evaporative cooling process, the more moisture evaporated, the greater the systems outdoor cooling capability.

How does it work

With the use of Misting SA’s series of speciality mist nozzles placed in a line around the perimeter of an area, or by using specially designed misting rings, attached to box / oscillating fans.  When connected to a high pressure misting system pump, water is forced through the specialty nozzles and quickly atomized to droplets as small as (5 microns) are achieved
Misting systems will produce billions of tiny droplets every second. If these droplets are introduced into an outdoor area, they quickly evaporate. This process of evaporation requires energy to be completed. The energy is taken from the air in the form of heat. The result is a temperature reduction of up to 12 degrees, depending on the ambient temperature and the relative humidity of the air. This method of temperature reduction is the most common use for all misting systems.
When misting systems are placed inside an enclosed area (such as a greenhouse), the billions of droplets that are produced will initially provide cooling as the droplets evaporate. However, if the air exchange is limited, the misting system will continue to increase the humidity level within the structure. Humidity levels as high as 90+% are possible. This unique characteristic of all misting systems makes them ideal for both outdoor cooling and humidification.

What components are needed for a misting system?

The required components for a misting system includes

Misting SA High pressure tubing (Nylon, Stainless steel or Copper)
Misting SA misting nozzles
Misting SA misting spray body
Misting SA Filtration Housing and cartridge
Misting SA Pressure Switch
Misting SA Solenoid Valves (low and high pressure)
Misting SA Anti drip valve
Misting SA high pressure misting pumps (various flow rates)
Misting SA Humidity and temperature controllers * Optional
Misting SA ventilation equipment. * Optional

* Additional components (such as wall mounted fans, extractor fans, Humidity and Temperature controllers) may be required for custom designed solutions.